Who We Are

PCOS Relief is a charitable organisation (Charity Number: SC051494) that has been established to provide support and advice to those who have been diagnosed with any of the four types of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

PCOS Relief will assist in fore-fronting the actual condition itself and highlighting the possible preventative measures and support that is available.

Our Purposes

Promoting the advancement of education

PCOS Relief will be engaging with Independent Medical Professional, the NHS and the Scottish and UK Government to promote the advancement of Education.

We understand currently there may be very little and unhelpful information out there for females to read when trying to come to terms with what is PCOS and how it can affect your life, however here at PCOS Relief we will be working alongside qualified Researchers to identify what PCOS is, how many females are affected by it and what are the most commons PCOS conditions.

By collecting this Data, we will be able to highlight the forefront of the actual condition and educate females who are being diagnosed how to deal with PCOS.

Promoting the advancement of health

PCOS Relief will promote and encourage Health and Well Being, we understand those who have been diagnosed with PCOS are likely to suffer from health conditions such as Obesity, Irregular Periods, Acne, Excess Hair Growth, Infertility and much more.

We want to provide resources on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle which can help you maintain your condition.

Having these resources, will assist with first hand support on promoting a healthier lifestyle and being able to self-manage your symptoms.

The promotion of equality and diversity

Within certain communities in particular the Ethnic Minority communities, due to the lack of understanding and awareness yet the sensitivity of the condition this condition can be classified as a “Taboo”.

PCOS Relief want to provide a platform where Ethnic Minority communities can come and seek support and advise in confidence.

We want to work with Ethnic Minority communities to raise an awareness about this condition and how to deal with it because we often find in such communities’ conditions like PCOS are not discussed openly and can have a huge toll on Mental Health.

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