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Aless Bove

Nutritional Therapist, The PCOS Expert

About the Ambassador

Aless is a Nutritional Therapist driven by evidence-based research. Her journey began when her grandmother faced health challenges, inspiring Aless to explore the healing power of food during her studies at The College of Naturopathic Medicine.

While working in student clinics, Aless noticed a rising number of women dealing with hormonal imbalances. Understanding the profound impact of diet and lifestyle on hormonal health, she decided to specialise in helping women manage and reverse conditions like PCOS.

Aless is passionate about women's health advocacy and using personalised nutrition and lifestyle protocols along with targeted supplements to create long-lasting change. Her mission is to empower those facing hormonal challenges, one balanced hormone at a time.

PCOS Relief is delighted to have Aless as an Ambassador, her care for change for females diagnosed with PCOS shines through, which is able to support our members by providing key and healthier lifestyle choices.