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Tanya Marwaha

Founder, Championing Youth Minds

About the Ambassador

Tanya is a young person pioneered youth mental health awareness during the pandemic, from her bedroom by founding youth-led peer community, Championing Youth Minds. Tanya has struggled with her mental health from a young age after developing long-term disabilities, Fibromyalgia and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Navigating mental health support as a young female in the South Asian community has especially been a challenge due to the stigma attached to mental health, she works hard to break down barriers and raise awareness of the cultural sensitivities around such topics. She advocates for mental health education for young people and empowers others to care for their wellbeing. She is a part of the Baton of Hope UK, the UK’s largest suicide prevention initiative.

PCOS Relief is delighted to have Tanya as our Ambassador, Tanya is an inspiration and a role model when it comes to championing Mental Health Issues and Suicide.