Volunteer with PCOS Relief and Make a Difference

Join our passionate volunteers and support women with PCOS. We have a variety of opportunities available – find your perfect fit and help us make a positive impact!

Events Volunteer

We rely on our amazing team of volunteers to make our events happen.

PCOS Relief are in the process of organising a number of upcoming exciting events, should you want to know more or register as an event volunteer, please email in and register your request to join our ever-growing team.

PCOS Clinical Trial Volunteer

Here at PCOS Relief, we understand that there is very limited medical treatment available, therefore we are in the process of currently conducting trials for treatments and medicines that would be beneficial to an individual who has been diagnosed for PCOS.

We want to bring the change because we understand that being diagnosed with any type of Polycystic Ovaries is not easy, there are many health complications. However, we want to be the charity that will support and give you confidence.

Should you wish to know more about the trials we are conducting or wish to volunteer, please email in your interest.

Mental Health Volunteer

From experience, we understand that being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome can take a toll on your mental health, it can cause uncertainty, worries, insecurities and much more, therefore should you wish to be in a position to support someone who is struggling to cope, please do get in touch. We can really support someone who may need someone to talk to!

This position requires Qualified Mental Health Consultants.

Benefits of Being a Volunteer

PCOS Relief offers volunteer opportunities in events, clinical trials & mental health support. Help make a difference for women with PCOS!
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Make a difference to someone’s life

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Volunteer with other passionate people

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Be recognised for the skills and experience you bring to our organisation

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Be a part of the PCOS change we are making around the UK

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